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Seed Ranch Umami Hot Sauce

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Seed Ranch Umami captures the essence of the "fifth taste", the savory flavor that's sought after in Asian cuisine. This unique sauce features porcini mushrooms, capers, kelp fronds, dried olives, and the subtle heat and smokiness of chipotle.

We love this on eggs, salads, and chicken. Makes an awesome marinade as well. Grab some today!

Heat: Mild

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: GF Tamari*, water, olive oil*, tomato paste*, capers, dried olives*, porcini mushrooms*, shiitake mushrooms*, seaweed*, garlic*, red miso*, balsamic vinegar*, chipotle*, carrot*, date*, sesame oil*, cumin*.

* Organic ingredients. All non-GMO ingredients.

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