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Hot Winter Organic Bulgarian Carrot Hot Sauce

Hot Winter

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For all those who have asked for a hotter Hot Winter: this sauce blends the Bulgarian Carrot with LOTS of Hinkelhatz, for a bolder heat than some of their other sauces, and a rich, dark fruit flavor with a full body. This is a chunky sauce, that tastes of the pepper that you're eating. While this is one of Hot Winter's hotter sauces, don't be intimidated; it's has a very approachable level of heat, and focuses more on the true flavor of the peppers.

Hot Winter hot sauces are fermented and made from all organic ingredients. Hot Winter's heirloom chiles are sourced directly from small farms committed to sustainable agriculture. By featuring heirloom varieties, Hot Winter is able to provide a unique flavor that showcases the taste possibilities of organic.

Size: 6 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Organic peppers (Hinkelhatz, Bulgarian Carrot, Hot Winter), organic rice and cider vinegars, organic cane sugar, kosher salt, organic hardneck garlic.


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