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The Spicy Shark Hammah Gatah Hot Sauce

The Spicy Shark

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Spicy Shark's Hammah Gatah hot sauce is Spicy Shark's hottest sauce yet. It has a deep, complex flavor, with notes of umami, smoke, and fruit. While this is an extremely spicy sauce, the heat doesn't overwhelm the complexity of the flavor.

We love this on pork and chicken, and it also is one of our favorite breakfast sauces. You have to try this sauce! One of our new favorites.

Heat: Extremely Hot

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Scorpion pepper, vinegar, onion, roasted red pepper (water, salt, citric acid), molasses, water, garlic, celery, habanero pepper, pineapple juice, banana, tomato, almond flour, sunflower oil, Carolina Reaper pepper, 7-Pot Primo pepper, chocolate chili powder (cacao nibs, chili, juniper berry, allspice, maple syrup), seasonings, liquid smoke, paprika, salt, coffee puree, spices.

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