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Rising Smoke Hot Sauce Combo Pack

Rising Smoke

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Try three of Rising Smoke's delicious sauces at one low price! Do you love flavorful, smokey sauces, that can also add a burst of heat to any dish? In this combo you get:

Rising Smoke Fire Starter: Mild, smokey jalapeño sauce. Tomatillos add a bright note, while the herbs and spices make it perfect for eggs, tacos, and more.

Rising Smoke Smoldering Ember: Slightly smokey aroma and flavor that comes from smoked habanero and roasted red peppers. The herbal notes of basil and oregano add to the depth of this mild-medium heat sauce.

Rising Smoke Slow Death: Slow Death packs some serious heat from the Trinidad Scorpion pepper, and smokey notes from smoked habanero peppers. Tomatoes, onion and garlic add a depth of flavor.

Size: Three 5 fl. oz. bottles

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