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Queen Majesty

Queen Majesty Charcoal Ghost Hot Sauce

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Queen Majesty Charcoal Ghost hot sauce gets its unique, deep, dark hue from activated charcoal. Like its color, this sauce has a deep, rich flavor, with natural sweetness from orange juice and plums, slight smokiness from chipotle, and bright notes from vinegar and ginger. 

We'd recommend trying it with rice dishes, chicken, pork, and duck. While it has ghost pepper (bhut jolokia), the heat doesn't overwhelm, but does have a nice build up.

Heat: Hot

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Organic white vinegar, black plums, sweet onions, habanero, apple cider vinegar, orange juice, ghost pepper, ginger root, garlic, pasilla negro, chipotle, activated charcoal, olive oil, salt and spices.

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