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PexPeppers Combo Pack Hot Sauces

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PexPeppers makes some of the hottest, tastiest, sauces on the market. No preservatives, simple ingredients, pure taste. The combo/gift set includes:

  • PexPeppers 7 Pot Panic - Classic barbecue ingredients of tomato, brown sugar, vinegar and spices are ratcheted up a number of notches with the addition of super spicy Douglah 7 Pot.
  • PexPeppers KillerSWARM - The Trinidad 7 Pot chilies have a heat that hits you in the throat, like a swarm of bees, and then the infamous Ghost Peppers build in intensity just when you think the 7 Pot is fading. The honey adds a floral note and counter to the peppers' bitterness, without being too sweet.
  • PexPeppers Atomic Purple - PexPeppers Atomic Purple hot sauce features the intense heat of Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia), with the sweet fruitiness of blueberry, strawberry, and wildflower honey. 

Heat: Extremely Hot

Size: Three 5 fl. oz. bottles

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