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Parker's Gourmet

Parker's Gourmet Hot Sauce Combo Pack

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Parker's Gourmet makes some great sauces, and now you have an opportunity to try three of our favorites. This combo pack/gift set includes:

  • Parker's Gourmet Fatalii-Racha - Super flavorful fatalii peppers add an almost citrusy note to this sauce, that's complemented by aromatic garlic and sweetened by pure cane sugar. This vibrant yellow sauce will brighten up your mouth as well as it does your plate.
  • Parker's Gourmet King's Blend - King's Blend hot sauce is a flavorful blend of super hot peppers (such as moruga scorpion and ghost peppers) with slightly smokey maple syrup and paprika, and bright vinegar and lime. Garlic, cumin, and paprika add a depth of flavor, which complements the peppers perfectly.
  • Parker's Gourmet Island Hoppin' - Parker's Gourmet Island Hoppin' hot sauce is a Caribbean-style, Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce. A blend of tropical fruits, Caribbean spices, and flavorful Scotch Bonnet peppers will transport your favorite foods to the islands.

Heat: Medium to Extremely Hot

Size: Three 5 fl. oz. bottles