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Jersey Barnfire

Jersey Barnfire Ginger Hot Sauce

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Jersey Barnfire's Ginger hot sauce is a ginger lover's dream. Fresh ginger root is combined with jalapeño and habanero for a medium heat, tart vinegar adds brightness, and savory onions, garlic, and tomato add to the multilayered flavor of this delicious sauce.

This is a perfect sauce for seafood, soups, dumplings, and noodles. This sauce will brighten any dish and add immense flavor. Try some today!

Heat: Mild/Medium

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Hot Peppers (Jalapeño & Habanero), Vinegar, Ginger Root, Tomatoes, Sugar, Onions, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Olive Oil, Herbs & Xanthan Gum.