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Heartbeat Hot Sauce

Heartbeat Red Habanero Hot Sauce

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Heatbeat Red Habanero hot sauce is a rich, velvety smooth sauce made with sweet bell and fermented red habanero peppers, complemented by savory garlic, and bright notes of lime. When you first taste it, you get sweet notes of the bell pepper, and a bit of bite in the back of your throat from the habanero.

This sauce is perfect for everyday use, and goes great with eggs, tacos, pizza, and much more. Made in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Heartbeat sauces are small batch and made with locally grown produce. 

Heat: Medium

Size: 177 ml (5.99 fl. oz.)

Ingredients:Bell pepper, onion, white vinegar, sugar, red habanero, garlic, lime juice, kosher salt, canola oil.

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