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Introducing Doc Hotties Prime: Our FREE Shipping Membership

Enjoy Unlimited FREE Shipping on all One-Time Orders as long as you stay subscribed.

Once you are an active Doc Hotties Prime Member, you can automatically get FREE Shipping on all one-time orders when you use coupon code Prime at checkout.

This is the perfect subscription box for those of you who want to save money, but would rather choose your own sauces than us choosing the sauces for you.

For people who are not Doc Hotties Prime Members, we charge by shipping weight for one-time orders for Mainland USA customers.

Shipping starts at $8.99 for under 1 pound and goes all the way up to $24.99 if you order 14 pounds of sauce or more for a one-time order.

Currently, the average price for a bottle of sauce in stock @ Doc Hotties is $9.62 and the average weight is 0.67 pounds.

To ensure that you financially benefit from this membership you will need to order at least 14 bottles of sauce each month (over 9 pounds). At the average price per bottle, that would be $134.68 minimum each month.

Factor in your membership fee and that would be $153.67 each month.

Please Note: This does not apply to our Hot Sauce Lover Membership. We charge a $12.99 shipping fee for our Hot Sauce Lover membership, but do keep in mind that you can get up to 5 bottles of sauce at this rate.

Our Hot Sauce Lover Membership is also a savings compared to just placing one-time orders. 5 bottles is typically going to be between 3 and 4 pounds. That's $13.99 for shipping plus the subtotal per bottle is cheaper too.

$7.33 for a mild or medium bottle and $9.31 for a hot or extremely hot bottle.

Click or hover your mouse over "Heat Index" and click any of the heat ratings to see that this is also a savings compared to one-time orders.

Find your next favorite cure for bland food, and experiment with ingredients and peppers you've never tried before. Sign up today!

Don't worry, there's no obligation. You can cancel any time. Once you place an order with the coupon code though, your Prime payment is non-refundable. 

We are willing to refund a one-time order if something happens to a one-time order you place.

Or if for some odd reason the system charges you shipping for a one-time order, we would give you a partial refund refunding the shipping charge, but the $18.99 payment is non-refundable once you use your coupon code.

Simply cancel your membership from your account or we are more than happy to  cancel your membership for you if you're not satisfied for any reason!

*This membership is currently only available to shipping addresses located in the Mainland United States of America.