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Dirty Dick's

Dirty Dick's Combo Pack

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The Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce Combo Pack features Dirty Dick's award winning original sauce, Dick's Peachy Green, and Dick's Caribbean Dreams. If the Dirty Dick's original sauce looks familiar, it's because you've seen it featured on Hot Ones. 

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Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce: Dirty Dick's hot sauce deceives you. At first taste it's a sweet, mild, Caribbean-style hot sauce that tastes of mango, pineapple, and banana. But then the habanero creeps up on you and you feel the heat. And then you want more. 

Dick's Peachy Green Hot Sauce: Very mild, sweet, and packed with flavor from serrano and jalapeño peppers, ripe peaches, honey, vanilla, and saffron. 

Dick's Caribbean Dream: Medium heat, mustard based sauce that's inspired by Barbados. Succulent fruits and fresh herbs bring you a taste of the Caribbean.

Size: Three 5 fl. oz. bottles

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