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Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Maple Garlic Stout Hot Sauce

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont

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Butterfly Bakery of Vermont's Maple Garlic Stout hot sauce is unique spin on sriracha. It has the classic taste of jalapeño, but with a kick of craft brewed stout, maple syrup, and garlic scapes, for a rich, not-overpowering flavor that goes great with chicken, spring rolls, and burgers.

So what are garlic scapes you ask? They're the springtime shoots from garlic plants, which add a subtle garlic flavor. As with all of Butterfly Bakery's sauces, this is a small batch artisanal sauce that's hand labeled and hand numbered. Try some today!

Heat: Mild

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Maple Wind Farms jalapeños, 14th Star Brewing's Maple Breakfast Stout, Eastview Farm garlic scapes, Eastman Long & Son's maple syrup, salt.

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