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Allegheny City Farms

Allegheny City Farms Pittsburgh Style (Harvest Edition)

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Allegheny City Farms' Pittsburgh Style (Harvest Edition) hot sauce packs a hefty 75% mash of some of the hottest peppers available, including Ghost Peppers, Scorpion Peppers, 7 Pots Primos, and Carolina Reapers. But this sauce isn't only about heat (though it is extremely hot), the fresh garlic, Meyer lemon, and spices add a depth of flavor.

We love this on eggs, pizza, tacos, chili, and pretty much anything else that you want to give a hit of intense, all natural heat. Try some today!

Heat: Extremely Hot

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Fresh super hot pepper mash (Ghosts, Scorpions, 7 Pots, Primos, Carolina Reapers), Rice Vinegar, Turbinado Cane Sugar, Fresh Garlic, Meyer Lemon Juice, Pink Himalayan Salt and other spices.

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