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Burns & McCoy Combo Pack

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The Burns & McCoy combo pack brings together three legendary hot sauces. Are you hero enough to attempt this odyssey of pain and flavor? You'll get all three of the following for one low price: 

Burns & McCoy Excubiarum: A twist on the classic salsa verde hot sauce that's kicked up several notches with the addition of a smokey, hellacious mix of peppers, including Carolina Reaper, 7 Pot, and Bhut Jolokia. Heat: Hot

Burns & McCoy Exhorresco: Made with the 7 Pot Primo pepper (approximately 61% pepper), this intense sauce also has a great flavor, combining the citrusy tang of yuzu, the slight sweetness of agave nectar, oak aged cider vinegar, earthy black garlic, and spices. Heat: Extremely Hot

Burns & McCoy Exitium: Pineapple Ginger hot sauce is a perfect accompaniment for shrimp, fish, chicken, and asian dishes. Heat: Hot

Heat: Hot, Extremely Hot

Size: Three 5 fl. oz. bottles

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