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PexPeppers 7 Pot Panic Hot Sauce

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Do you love barbecue, but wished it was spicer, a bit more intense? Well, PexPeppers 7 Pot Panic is the sauce you've been looking for. The classic barbecue ingredients of tomato, brown sugar, vinegar and spices are ratcheted up a number of notches with the addition of super spicy Douglah 7 Pot.

We love this on pork, wings, pizza, burgers, and more. This is very spicy, and makes a great addition to your more mild barbecue sauces, or just by itself for the brave of heart. Grab some today! 

Heat: Extremely Hot

Size: 5 fl. oz.

Ingredients: Douglah 7 Pot mash (Douglah 7 Pot, vinegar), tomato puree, vinegar, brown sugar, red onion, salt, spices.

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