Our Top Five Sodium-Free Hot Sauces (Plus Some Extras)

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Study after study has shown that chile peppers, and by extension, hot sauces, are a tasty, healthy addition to your diet. Chile peppers contain carotenoids (Vitamin A), flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, all of which have health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, lower blood pressure, and boosted metabolism.

But for some folks, the added salt that comes with some hot sauces can be a concern. While many sauces are relatively low in added sodium, and hotter sauces are only used a drop or two at a time, we've pulled together a list of our favorite sauces that use no added salt.

1. High River Thunder Juice

 Thunder Juice is one of High River Sauce's latest, and hottest, offerings. Like seriously, hot. Made with chocolate bhutlah, Carolina Reaper, scorpion, and fatalii peppers, habanero-infused tequila, this sauce is no joke. The intense heat from these super hot peppers are complemented with the sweetness of peaches, blueberries, and raspberries, as well as ginger, lemon and garlic. 

Not only does Thunder Juice have intense flavor, but it's salt free! With zero sodium, you can feel free to use as much as you can handle.


2. Palo Alto Fire Fighters Habanero

Palo Alto Fire Fighters was founded by real life former firefighter Lee Taylor. These sauces are well known for not only their awesome flavor, but the fact that proceeds from their sale go to charity. The Habanero sauce is made with red jalapeños, habaneros, vinegar, and spices. It's a medium heat sauce, that's perfect for pizza, tacos, chicken, and more.

And of course one of the best parts? No added sodium, or preservatives (just xanthan to thicken).

3. Dick's Peachy Green

From the makers of Dirty Dick's (one of my personal favorites), comes Dick's Peachy Green, a mild, sweet sauce made with serrano, jalapeño and bell peppers, peaches, honey, pineapple, spices and vanilla. We highly recommend trying this sauce on cream cheese, cheesecake, or ice cream. 

And you guessed it. No added sodium.

4. PexPeppers KillerSWARM

PexPeppers is known for its simple, yet tasty ingredients. You won't find a laundry list of additives, preservatives, or in this case, salt. KillerSWARM is extremely hot, with Trinidad 7 Pot and Ghost chiles being the primary ingredients. Honey counters the natural bitterness of the peppers, while vinegar and lime juice add a bright tang to the sauce. 

5. Palo Alto Fire Fighters XXX Ghost 

Palo Alto Fire Fighters have kicked up their game with this newest, hotter entry. XXX Ghost combines jalapeño, red bell, serrano, cayenne, and Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) peppers to create a flavorful, slightly hotter hot sauce. Oregano, garlic, and cumin make this a rich sauce that goes great with chicken, pizza, and pretty much any Mexican dish you can imagine. There's no sodium, so you can slather this sauce on your favorite dish guilt free.

Other Options

Okay. The sauces we've featured above don't have any added sauce. However, there are a number of sauces we carry that, while they technically have measurable milligrams of salt, the amount is so small for the serving size that they technically have 0% of your daily allowance. So while we won't say they don't have sodium, the amount is pretty small as long as you're not drinking entire bottles (hey, we've all been there, we're not judging).

So below, are some of our favorite low, next to no, sodium sauces.

Rising Smoke Tropical Oasis hot sauce

Rising Smoke Tropical Oasis

If you're looking for a sauce that will help transport your boring foods to the tropics, then look no further. Rising Smoke's Pineapple Oasis is a sweet and savory combination of yellow peppers (aji and fire roasted yellow bell), pineapple and coconut that has a medium level of heat.

This sauce does have a very small amount of salt listed in the ingredients, but it's 0% sodium (0mg) for this serving size.


Elijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce

Elijah's Xtreme Reaper Sauce combines the sweet tartness of black cherries and cranberries with the richness of tomato, and the undertones of whiskey and vanilla. Carolina Reaper peppers add significant, but not overwhelming heat.

This sauce does have a small amount of sea salt, but it's listed as 0% sodium for this serving size.

Burns & McCoy Verde

A verde-style sauce with the added kick of Carolina Reapers. Roasted jalapeños, sweet onions, garlic, and medium heat make this a great tasting and versatile sauce. 0% sodium also makes a healthy option.

Bravado Crimson

Bravado Spice's Crimson hot sauce is a medium heat sauce that combines the bright, sharp taste of white wine vinegar, with the classic combination of jalapeño and arbol chiles. There's a hint of sea salt in the sauce, but not enough to make it more than 0% of your daily sodium intake.

Bravado Jalapeño & Green Apple

The fresh tang of Granny Smith apples is combined with jalapeño, poblano peppers, and garlic are combined to make a zesty sauce that pairs perfectly with pork, poultry and more. A hint of sea salt adds some flavor, but still doesn't top 0% of your sodium intake.


And there you have it! Some no, and low-sodium sauces that help you spice up your favorite dishes, while sticking to that doctor-recommended diet. Do you have some favorite low sodium sauces that we missed in our list? We'd love to hear about them. Drop us a line at info@dochotties.com. 


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