"Odd" Uses for Hot Sauce

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Hot sauce is a versatile way to add more flavor and kick to everyday foods. Because of this, it's pretty commonly used to add spice to everything from eggs, to tacos, to pizza. But what about other foods? Are you missing missing out new and unexpected ways to get your dose of hot sauce?

Reddit users from r/spicy and r/hotsauce shared some of the, well, more unusual ways they use hot sauce:

  • "I use fruit based hot sauces for cheesecakes (either on or in)."

- Pepper-King

  • "Not exactly hot sauce but I have made ghost pepper milk shakes. They are amazing but so very confusing."


  • "Mix a bit into morning coffee. Wakes ya up."


  • "I like to mix either flakes, powder, or a sweet fruit based sauce in with ice cream. It's a very strange experience."


  • "I mix a few dashes of superhot sauce into some butter and spread it on my toast in the morning."


  • "Ya'll are gonna call me crazy but I like a little scorpion sauce on my cheesecake and my ice cream. Has to be a simple flavor of cheesecake and simple flavor of ice cream but i love it. Also i put it in my mac n cheese."


  • "I had a blueberry ghost pepper sauce I used for margaritas. That would probably be great on a cheesecake!"


  • "In my gin and tonic."



  • "Ginger ale. 2-3 drops in an ice cold glass of ginger ale will blow your fucking mind. it can be whatever sauce you want. traditionally tabasco sauce will give you the best taste, but i have done scorpion pepper sauce, ghost pepper, hab (not too fond of how it hits your throat though)."

  So what "odd" foods do you use hot sauce with? Personally, we add it to orange juice, smoothies, and anything that has chocolate. Is this just another sign that we're addicted to hot sauce? Share your thoughts.

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Kathleen Brown
Kathleen Brown

June 24, 2019

I eat my tamarind/ sweet pickle snocone with Burnes and McCoy Exhorresco and Pex Lemon Yellow jacket. Fantastic

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