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Doc Hotties' chief hottie, Roy B, reviews Raucous Daucus from Splash Cafe. Made from an heirloom varietal, the Bulgarian carrot pepper, this sauce adds the sweetness of carrots, the sharpness of vinegar, and the subtle flavor of serrano peppers.

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Hi, this is Roy from Doc Hotties. Today we're going to be taking a look at one of our new sauces that we're featuring on the site, it's Raucous Daucus made by Splash Cafe out of San Luis Obispo, California. Daucus is the Latin name for carrot, so the name means rowdy carrot, and it's made with the heirloom varietal the Bulgarian carrot pepper, which is a really unusual pepper to see in sauces. We've only seen it in the Hot Winter sauces that we also carry.

It has a great natural carrot flavor that's complemented of course in this sauce by the addition of actual carrot,s which have sweetness really brings out and complements the natural sweetness is in the Bulgarian carrot, as well this is a very vinegar forward sauce. So it has very simple ingredients, but that sharpness of the vinegar really helps to counterbalance the sweetness that's coming from the pepper and the carrot itself.

But this has vinegar, carrots, Bulgarian carrot peppers, rice vinegar, salt, and serrano peppers. So this is not an overly salty sauce either, so it does bring a nice level of flavor to any dish that you put it on. So if you really are into carrots, if you really like that savory taste of carrot, which I personally do in a sauce, this is a really nice, light sauce that goes well with everything from eggs to tacos to pizza.

So again the nice carrot flavor that you get from this is a perfect accompaniment to many dishes. We really like this with eggs we like it with pizza but let's let's give it a try and I'll let you know what it tastes like first hand here.

So again, like I said, this is a vinegar forward sauce, but it's not overbearing. But if you don't like vinegar then this may not be right for you. It does have a flow restrictor on it, which I'm not sure is quite necessary. It has a nice carrot fragrance, you do definitely smell the carrots in there, and the vinegar is definitely present. Let's give it a try. The heat is not overwhelming by any means. This is about a low mild to medium sauce. You do get a little bit of the heat in the back of your throat; you taste immediately those carrots, the sweetness from that, but you also get the complexity from the Serrano, the floral almost flavor of the bulgarian carrot pepper.

So this is a really nice sauce. It's really well done. It makes a great table sauce. So go out and grab some today!

Try some today:

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